India is a big subject. The diverse and unfathomable depth of culture, a history that spans millenniums leaving us with epic tales of incredible grandeur that bring us to kingdoms and warring fields, gods and goddesses and detailed carvings still found and preserved  in temples, statues, palaces, and memorials.

With 29 states, 7 unions and nearly 1.25 billion people living over nearly a third of the land mass of the United States there is a lot to experience, but Karnali Excursions welcomes you to their main focus in northwest India, to what is called, ‘The Jeweled Crown of the Indian Himalayas’, an area further known as Dev–Bhumi, or the, ‘Abode of the Gods’. Here we find the source of India’s Holy Ganges River where a small glacial stream in Gangotri begins its travels through the length and breadth of north India, nourishing her people today much in the same way as it did in ancient times in this predominetly Hindu culture. In the Indian Garhwal Himalayas we visit the Char-Dham, four of Hinduisms most holy pilgrimage sites nestled in these high mountain valleys.

We also offer explorations to northeast India, both Sikkim, with a history of its own, and Darjeeling, famous for its tea gardens and outstanding views. Heading to the far northwestern reaches of the Indian Himalayas we find Ladakh, where the traditional culture of Tibet continues to thrive much like it did in centuries past.

Karnali Excursions has developed many treks and tours from day-long walking cultural tours, to month-long treks into the unfrequented and remote Himalayas. We are good at customizing trips that fit your schedule, interest and pocketbook to anywhere in India.

Please join us on a, Journey of a Lifetime to the highest mountains on earth, and experience the diverse culture, languages, and rich spiritual heritage found in this part of the world.

India Destinations

Kashmir Ladakh Tour

Kashmir-Ladakh Tour

DURATION: 8 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 5,290m | TREK GRADE: moderate | HIGHLIGHTS: Houseboat with dinner in Srinagar Pangong Lake. Picturesque landscapes. Shey Palace, Hemis and Thiksey monasteries. Camel safari.

Incredible India Tour

DURATION: 19 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 380m | TREK GRADE: easy | HIGHLIGHTS: Pink City, Jaipur, Symbol of true love, Taj Mahal and Incredible Delhi.
Cross Country Tour

Cross-Country Tour

DURATION: 20 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 3,140m | TREK GRADE: easy to moderate| HIGHLIGHTS: World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Unique Bhutanese culture and lifestyle. Glimpse of diverse Indian history, culture and lifestyle.