Bhutan is an ancient land secluded high in the Himalayas, where magical customs and people with deep religious beliefs have lived for many centuries. It is a land of monasteries, monks, majestic mountains and a rich heritage. It wasn’t until recent years that travel into the kingdom could be made other than by horseback or on foot, which explains why few travelers have experienced this magical land.

Karnali Excursions is your guide to such wonders as the winter capital of Punakha Dzong, views of the Spotted Black-Necked Cranes of Gangtey Gompa (an ornithologist’s delight), or Ura, which separates the East Kingdom from the West Kingdom. We will handle all your preparations from equipment to permits. Just bring your camera, batteries, plenty of film and your sense of wonder.

These tours are based on a minimum of two people.

With a limited travel season for this region (April-November), early reservations are highly recommended to assure air transport availability.

Bhutan Destinations

Cross Country Tour

Cross-Country Tour

DURATION: 20 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 3,140m | TREK GRADE: easy to moderate| HIGHLIGHTS: World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Unique Bhutanese culture and lifestyle. Glimpse of diverse Indian history, culture and lifestyle.

The Best of Bhutan Tour

DURATION: 15 days | MAX. ELEVATION: n/a | TREK GRADE: easy | HIGHLIGHTS: World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Unique Bhutanese history, culture and lifestyle. Magnificent views of the snow-capped Himalaya peaks.

Bhutan Nature and Culture Tour

DURATION: 14 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 3,500m | TREK GRADE: easy to moderate | HIGHLIGHTS: World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Exciting mountain flight over the Himalayas. Unique Bhutanese culture and lifestyle.