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We Are Back!

Karnali Excursions is waking up after two years of a long hibernation. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Himalayas.

KE Adds 2 New Tours for Nature Lovers

KE just added 2 new tours for nature lovers. Red Panda Tour, and Mammal and Bird-watching Tour. These easy paced tours are available from October to May.

Significance of Divine Amar Katha

Once upon a time, Parvati requested Lord Shiva to explain her about the significance of the Amar Katha. Lord Shiva denied her requests saying that she does not deserve to know about it. Despite several denials, Parvati, kept on requesting to tell the significance of divine Amar Katha.

All Trips Available Again

Karnali Excursions is pleased to announce that Nepal is safe to travel and all trip itineraries are available to undertake.

Around Manaslu Trek 2015

Karnali Excursions had organized its first ‘Around Manaslu Trek’ for the 2015 season, sending a group from America, here in Nepal to work with Habitat for Humanity, on a 19-day exploration of Nepal’s spectacular mountain sceneries, Himalayan culture and wildlife.

Trekking Destinations of Nepal Reopened

Karnali Excursions is delighted to announce that all trekking destinations of Nepal have reopened for trekking and other mountaineering activities. Some trekking destinations were temporarily suspended aftermath of devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 25 April and May 12, 2015.