The serenity and grandeur of Nepal has been shaken up a bit due to the earthquake that hit Nepal around mid-day, Saturday, April 25, 2015, and again on May 12th, but her beauty remains, as do the inviting smiles of the people inhabiting the hills and villages across this ancient land. Nestled between two giants, India and China, Nepal is home to more than 28 million people, more than 110 ethnic groups, 120 spoken languages, and many religions. All of this diversity is waiting for you to explore.

From Nepal’s sky- high border with the Tibetan Plateau to the north to the jungles of the Terai that buzz just above sea level in the south, Nepal offers its visitors varied and unique environments to explore. Nepal is the only country to have seven (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites, situated within a 20 kilometer radius! Although it is these World Heritage Sites that received a lot of damage from the April 25th earthquake, they are all either under repair, or planned repairs, and all worth a visit.

After experiencing ancient Kathmandu, a day trip around the Kathmandu Valley, a weekend in the jungle of Chitwan National Park, also a World Heritage Site, or a trek deep into the Himalayas awaits you. Trekking options include: Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Sanctuary, Rara Lake, situated in western Nepal’s ‘Wild West’, or the seldom-visited Nymba Valley, to name just a few. And because of Nepal’s diverse terrain and climate; from the world’s deepest gorge, the Kali-Gandaki, to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest, one can explore this magnificent country all year round, making all of it a journey of a lifetime!

Nepal Destinations


Lumbini Tour

DURATION: 3 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 150m | TREK GRADE: easy | HIGHLIGHTS: Nativity marker stone to mark the exact birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha. Ashoka Pillar. Puskarini, the Sacred Pond. World Peace Pagoda. Highly revered monastery built by various Buddhist communities of the world.

Mountains and Mammals of Nepal

DURATION: 20 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 5,550m | TREK GRADE: moderate to strenuous | HIGHLIGHTS:  Cultural and historical World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Spectacular views of high mountains of Nepal. Authentic Sherpa culture and lifestyle. Thrilling rafting on Trisuli River. Endangered species of wildlife in Chitwan National Park.
Multi-adveture Tour of Nepal

Multi-Adventure Tour of Nepal

DURATION: 15 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 3,210m | TREK GRADE: easy to moderate | HIGHLIGHTS: World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley. Exciting Everest Mountain flight. Endangered species of mammals and birds. Spectacular views of high mountains of Nepal.

Tiger and Temple Tour

DURATION: 8 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 1,350m | TREK GRADE: easy | HIGHLIGHTS: Exciting Mount Everest Mountain Flight. World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Tiger, elephants and rhinos of Bardia National park.
wildlife safari chitwan

Wildlife Safari in Chitwan

DURATION: 3 days | MAX. ELEVATION: 240m | TREK GRADE: easy | HIGHLIGHTS: Elephant back safari. Elephant bathing. Dugout canoe trip. Guided jungle walk. Unique Tharu culture show.